• All in one portable sensor benchtop instrument to measure primary productivity
• Includes a Microsoft Surface Go for immediate data analysis
• Removes cost and training of handling radioisotopes
• Delivers more data than radioisotopes... within 15 minutes!

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Being Part Of
The Solution

How Chelsea Technologies research and innovation is tackling climate change.

At COP26, the ocean was at the heart of the climate solution and Chelsea Technologies welcomes an opportunity to highlight the innovative science we produce to further your ability to understand the marine environment

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ERAS Sonar
Test System

• ERAS echo repeater acoustic source system:
a low cost, compact & flexible sonar test system

• Designed for hand-deployment from small vessels, containing both projector
and hydrophone

• Part of our extensive defence heritage

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We design and manufacture best-in-class environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter. Environmental monitoring inspired by science, delivered by engineering excellence.

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