Chelsea Technologies specialises in the design of underwater transducer technology. With over 45 years’ experience, our comprehensive range of standard transducers are ideal for a wide range of applications from aquaculture to defence. Our in-house acoustics experts can also help with custom products and design projects.

We offer two types of transducer products; hydrophones and projectors. Our Hydrophones produce an electrical signal from the sound pressure (SL) in the water, whilst our Projectors produce a sound field in the water, referred to as the Source Level (SL). A wide selection of spherical, tubed and flexural discs transducers are available, all capable of low frequency and useful for sound sources.

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Standard Products


DualSense are a series of reliable, robust, spherical transducers, capable of projecting and receiving underwater acoustic signals. Available in a wide range of frequencies, the majority are both horizontally omni-directional, with vertical directionality greater than 270 degrees.

Models: 12, 30, 60, 80 and 115

DualSense 012 Datasheet

DualSense 030 Datasheet

DualSense 060H Datasheet

DualSense 080 Datasheet

DualSense 115 Datasheet



SonoTube is a series of low frequency, broadband transducers, operational in both transmit and receive modes.

Models: D12 and D13

SonoTube D12 Datasheet

SonoTube D13 Datasheet



Chelsea’s BroadBand 012 is a reliable, horizontally omni-directional, spherical, reciprocal transducer.

Models: 012

Broadband 012 Datasheet


Choosing your transducer

We understand the importance of selecting the right transducer for your application. Our in-house acoustics experts can help and recommend the right product for you. Contact us using the form below:

    Custom acoustics

    If your specific requirements cannot be fully satisfied by our standard product range, we can provide custom solutions to meet your needs! Get in touch to find out more:

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