Sea Sentry Wash Water Monitoring System

IMO Compliant Wash Water Monitoring System - The complete turnkey solution. Type approved and MEPC 259(68) Wash Water Monitor for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems.

Exhaust emissions from marine diesel engines release gases and particulates that can be detrimental to human health and the environment. To reduce this pollution the IMO has established new regulations through its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). Ships operating both globally and in Emission Control Areas must now reduce NOX, SOX and particulate emissions.

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Chelsea Technologies has a wide range of maritime products for ensuring compliance to maritime regulations, from our DNV Type Approved wash water monitoring system to rapid onboard testing of ballast water, including individual sensors that can be added to 3rd party cabinets such as our turbidity and unique PAH+ sensor, compliant with upcoming IMO regulations

Sea Sentry Features

Sea Sentry Wash Water Monitoring System Features

  • Fully integrated turnkey solution to monitor exhaust gas wash water and meet IMO regulations
  • DNV-GL Type Approved, DNV-GL and Class NK in compliance with IMO MEPC 259(68)
  • Suitable for retro fit and new installation of open, closed loop and hybrid scrubber system
  • Full PAH Range – Full 0 – 4,500µg/L PAHphe measurement which provides full compatibility with all scrubber system flow rates
  • Two year calibration intervals on the PAH+ and Turbidity sensors allowing for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Easy to use onboard sensor check – the new Chelsea solid standards kit allows you to verify the sensor calibration onsite with easy to operate, robust and stable solid standards as part of the commissioning process, without the need for liquids or chemicals
  • Chelsea designed sensors and cabinet– as designers and manufacturers of both the sensors and complete system, Chelsea knows the science and the technology

Sea Sentry Wash Water Monitoring System Applications

  • Confirms wash water from ship exhaust gas cleaning systems is within regulatory limits
  • Suitable for both new ship and retrofit installations
  • Compatible with Open Loop, Closed Loop and Hybrid systems

Sea Sentry In Depth

Complete turnkey solution

  • One cabinet, all parameters – Sea Sentry features pH, temperature, turbidity and PAH sensors as standard within the cabinet, covering all requirements of the IMO regulations
  • Full range PAHphe readings – Sea Sentry provides the full PAH measurement range (0-4500µg/l) required in the regulations by applying environmental corrections – no further calculations are required
  • Integrated corrections – the PAHphe measurement is corrected for the environmental effects of turbidity, UV absorbance and temperature interference within the system, resulting in high quality data displayed automatically on the user interface
  • Reliable operation – the inclusion of a de-bubbler within the system ensures air bubbles are removed from the wash water before the measurements are taken, thus eliminating a source of error.
  • Integral sensor cleaning – Sea Sentry features an integrated air purge anti fouling system within the cabinet, which keeps the sensor windows clean enabling accurate optical measurements.

Operational support

  • On board verification of sensors – the new Chelsea solid standards kit allows you to verify the sensor calibration onsite with easy to operate, robust and stable solid standards as part of the commissioning process.
  • Installation support and commissioning – experienced engineers provide support during installation and offer Chelsea certified commissioning of the wash water monitoring cabinets.
  • Training – Chelsea scientists and engineers provide training for Sea Sentry operators and manufacturers of exhaust gas cleaning systems looking to integrate a monitoring system to their offering. Training can be provided online, remotely or onsite.
  • Technical support – as designers and manufacturers of the Sea Sentry system, and the PAH and turbidity sensors, Chelsea scientists and engineers can provide technical support and commissioning services.
  • Spares provision – spare parts and sensors can be provided as an additional package with the cabinets and are available as needed from the UK headquarters
  • Sensor calibration – comprehensive calibration services are provided by Chelsea calibration scientists on an ad hoc basis or under long term support contracts.

Ease of integration

  • Flexible inlet/outlet connections – Sea Sentry cabinets are supplied with standard BSP fitting, allowing integrators the flexibility of adding the flanges suited to the overall system.
  • Flexible power supply and data interface – Including 85 – 264 VAC, 45 – 65 Hz, 90 – 350 VDC, Modbus TCP/IP RJ45, and 4 – 20mA analogue outputs.
  • One point of contact – as designers and manufacturers of both the sensors and complete system, Chelsea can provide integrators with technical expertise and knowledge on all aspects of the wash water monitoring system.

Sea Sentry Specifications

Power supply Universal 85 – 264 VAC, 45 – 65 Hz, 90 – 350 VDC
Dimensions 1300 (H) x 600 (W) x 300 mm (D)
Operating pressure Up to 4.0 bar
Ambient operating temperature 0 – 50 ºC
Sample flow 3 – 40 L/min
PAH range 0 – 4500 μg/L PAHphe (LOD: 0.07 μg/L), (Turbidity, UV absorbance and temperature corrected)
Turbidity range 0 – 1000 FNU (LOD: 0.15 FNU) ISO 7027: 1999(E) compliant
pH range 0 – 12 (LOD: 0.01) BS 2586:1979 compliant
Temperature range 0 – 50 °C (LOD: 0.13 °C)
Absorbance range 0 – 3.500 cm-1 (LOD: 0.002 cm-1)
System outputs Modbus TCP/IP (RJ45) 4-20 mA Analogue Outputs
Display/user interface 10.1” capacitive toughened glass touchscreen, 1280 x 800 resolution
Sample inlet/outlet 3/4” BSP parallel fitting
IP rating Electronics enclosure IP65
Air-purge pressure Air-purge pressure 5.0 – 5.5 bar
Pressure relief valve 6.0 bar (vented to the bilge)
Regulatory approvals Type Approval, DNV-GL
MEPC 259(68) compliance from DNV.GL & ClassNK

Sea Sentry FAQs

Sea Sentry Training, Service and Support

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