Transmit, repeat and test signals with the Echo Repeater Acoustic Source System (ERAS)

ERAS is a low cost, compact and flexible sonar test system. Designed for hand-deployment from small vessels, it contains both projector and hydrophone.

ERAS is controlled by an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, commanding the Digital Signal Processorto Echo Repeat, Transpond and produce calibrated transmissions up to 24 tones, simultaneously.

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Features & Applications


  • Compact and lightweight system, ideal for transportation
  • Hand deployable from a range of ocean vessels
  • Acoustic source and echo repeat functions for generating and receiving signals


  • Sonar test and calibration
  • Underwater target detection
  • Sonar operator training
  • Noise signature simulation
  • Ship noise signals


Modes Source, Echo Repeat, Transpond
Transmit bandwidth 280 Hz – 2600 Hz (user definable)
Horizontal bean pattern
Vertical beam pattern +30 °
Power requirement 90 – 250 V AC auto switching 50/60 Hz 24 V DC


Computer Laptop
Power amplifier 4U 19″ case
Transducer length (mm)
260 (ø) x 608 (L)
Transducer weight (approx.) 8.3 kg
Cable Length 50 m

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