ERAS Sonar Test System

Transmit, repeat and test sonar signals with the Echo Repeater Acoustic Source System (ERAS)

ERAS is a low cost, compact and flexible sonar test system. Designed for hand-deployment from small vessels, it contains both projector and hydrophone.

ERAS is controlled by an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, commanding the Digital Signal Processing software to Echo Repeat, Transpond and produce calibrated complex transmissions.

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Chelsea Technologies has a distinguished history in the design of underwater acoustics technology. Our comprehensive range of standard transducers are adaptable for a wide range of applications from aquaculture to defence, whilst our sonar test system and low frequency sonar test system continues to be in use in navies around the world

ERAS Features

ERAS Features:

  • Compact and lightweight system, ideal for transportation
  • Hand deployable from a range of ocean vessels
  • Acoustic source and echo repeat functions for generating and receiving signals

ERAS Applications:

  • Sonar test and calibration
  • Underwater target detection
  • Sonar operator training
  • Surveillance
  • Noise signature simulation
  • At sea, acceptance trials

ERAS Operating Modes:

  • Complex Signal Source
  • Sequence
  • Echo Repeater
  • Transponder
  • Received Signal Monitor
  • Slant range Measurement

ERAS Specifications

ERAS Source Modes:

  • Source Transmit Generation Bandwidth 3000Hz to 50000Hz
  • Pulse Lengths 3ms to 10s or CW
  • Number of Pulses Up to 1000
  • Pulse Intervals Up to 60s
  • Variable Step Levels -10 to +10 dB
  • Tones Up to 24 (each with definable source levels & frequencies – CW or pulsed
  • Sweeps LFM or LPM
  • Noise Either Broadband or up to 5 user definable bands
  • Noise Types White, Pink or Pseudo-Random
  • Modulated Signal AM or FM, user definable carrier and modulating

ERAS Transpond Modes

  • Frequency Range 3000Hz to 50000Hz
  • Pulse Length 0.010s to 10.00s (0.001s step)
  • Variable Step Levels -10 to +10 dB
  • Trigger Types Acoustic, TTL pulse or manual
  • Trigger Level & Averaging Fully user definable
  • Transpond Types LFM or LPM sweep, Monotone or Source Mode

ERAS Operating Modes:

  • Echo Frequency 3000Hz TO 50000Hz
  • Trigger Types Acoustic, TTL pulse or manual
  • Trigger Level & Averaging Fully user definable
  • Echo Length 10ms to 5s
  • Added Doppler -40 to +40 knots
  • Added Echo Strength -30 to +40 dB
  • Echo Delay Up to 60s
  • Highlights Up to 5
  • Highlight Strength -30 to +30 dB
  • Highlight Offset: Up to 200ms
  • Moving Track Target Velocity –40 to +40 knots
  • Tag on Transpond User configurable

ERAS Mechanical:

  • Computer 405 x 225 x 205mm, 10kg
  • Power Amplifier: 445 x 220 x 538mm, 15kg (splashproof)
  • Transducer: 260 outer diameter x 608mm length, 8.3kg
  • Cable Length: 50m
  • Computer Power Requirement: 90 to 250V AC auto switching 50/60 Hz
  • PA Power Requirement: 95 to 130V or 185 to 260VAC auto switching 50/60 Hz

ERAS Downloads

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