Fastballast Ballast Water Compliance Testing System

Rapid on-board testing of treated ballast water to ensure compliance with the IMO D-2 & USCG Discharge Standards around invasive species.

• Quick & cost-effective – compliance level test in under 10 minutes decreasing need for shore-based laboratory involvement
• Accurate – the most accurate indicative instrument on the market, removing the cost to go back out to sea, exchange ballast water and return to port
• Simple – all-in-one portable instrument, including tablet, no consumables, designed to be operated by a single person

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Chelsea Technologies has a wide range of maritime products for ensuring compliance to maritime regulations, from our DNV Type Approved wash water monitoring system to rapid onboard testing of ballast water, including individual sensors that can be added to 3rd party cabinets such as our turbidity and unique PAH+ sensor, compliant with upcoming IMO regulations

Fastballast Features

FastBallast, the fast, lightweight device to measure ballast water complianceFastballast capabilities

  • Measure – A fast, lightweight device to analyse ballast water for compliance
  • Automate – Automated data measurement
  • Rugged – Suitable for use in the marine environment
  • Precision – Most accurate device on the market for indicative ballast water compliance testing
  • Practical – Low cost, robust portable unit without consumables designed to be operated by a single person

FastBallast, the ideal instrument for manufacturers of ballast water management systems (BWMS)
Fastballast applications

FastBallast is a must-have for key players in the maritime industry:

  • Manufacturers of ballast water management systems (BWMS)
  • Port state authorities
  • Field testing service companies
  • Repair yards
  • BWTS Commissioning testing


  • Portable instrument to obtain level 1 indicative and level 2 compliance level tests inside 10 minutes
  • Instrument operated by one person, including Surface Go V3 tablet for results there and then
  • Instrument includes inbuilt stirrer for accurate statistical measurement
  • Flow-through accessory provides for continuous testing during ballasting or discharge
  • Future-centric innovative STAF technology also provides detection of living cells and cell density, beyond the current requirements of compliance testing



False results on your ballast water testing are a very expensive business for vessels:

  • A false negative can cost 10s of 1000s because of the need to go back out to sea, exchange ballast water and return to port
  • Conventional port laboratory tests take a long time with local shore laboratories using microscopy to complete creating a vessel delay expense that is not necessary


FastBallast, using Single Turnover Active Fluorometry (STAF) technology, provides a revolutionary new, quick and accurate method to test ballast water

  • Quick – compliance level test in under 10 minutes
  • Cost effective – no need for laboratory involvement or time delays
  • Accurate – the most accurate indicative instrument on the market
  • Simple – all-in-one portable instrument including tablet operated by a single person


  • Rapid on-board compliance testing to the IMO D-2 standard
  • Detection limit of <1 cell/mL
  • Accurate cell count regardless of cell size
  • Compliance-level testing in only 2 to 10 minutes
  • Stirred sample allows accurate statistical analysis
  • Negligible false positives, avoiding unnecessary delays in port
  • Very low levels of false negatives allowing confident ballast water discharge
  • High tolerance to background fluorescence from dead cells and CDOM
  • Minimum consumables and no costly reagents or laboratory testing required
  • Long service interval (>2 years)
  • Optional flow-through system can provide continuous testing during ballast water discharge.

Fastballast Specifications

User interface Surface Go V3
Sample volume 20 mL
Interrogated volume 0.5 mL
Excitation Four channels: royal blue, blue, green, and red
Sensitivity <1 cell/mL
Dynamic range 0-4000 cells/mL
Time to result <2 minutes for Level 1<10 minutes for Level 2
Power Internal rechargeable battery pack provides 8h continuous operation
Connectivity USB or Bluetooth
Dimensions 339 x 295 x 152 mm
Mass 6.0 kg
Service interval >2 years

Fastballast Applications

Fastballast Training, Service and Support

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