Compliance Monitoring of Ballast Water Systems

Chelsea Technologies manufactures FastBallast, a ballast water compliance monitor compatible with global certification bodies. In the process of moving 90% of the world’s freight, shipping transfers approximately ten billion tons of ballast water around the world every year. It is one of the biggest vectors for invasive species’ pathways. Non-native species cause huge impacts on economies and can be very detrimental to human health.

Ship owners, Port Authorities & Flag States are now required to prevent these invasions by ensuring that the ballast water they discharge has been effectively managed & treated to kill majority of plankton & bacteria. Chelsea work hard to achieve the highest standards of test criteria in order to assess the efficacy of all treatment systems as rapidly, accurately & objectively as possible.

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Chelsea’s green shipping solutions set the gold standard in delivering monitoring solutions to help owners, operators and regulators ensure that stringent national and IMO compliance standards for wash water from exhaust gas scrubbers and for ballast water discharge are met, as well as PAH+ and turbidity sensors that can be ordered individually and retrofitted into other manufacturor's cabinets

Chelsea solutions

FastBallast is setting the gold standard for effective enforcement of the Ballast Water Management Convention, and will help dramatically reduce the impact of invasive species worldwide. Unlike detailed analysis methods where samples need to be assessed in laboratories by specialists in water microbiology, testing with Chelsea’s FastBallast compliance monitor can be carried out by any crew member at any stage during the ballast water discharge operation, producing results in under 10 minutes.

FastBallast is a portable ballast water compliance monitor for use with discrete or flow-through samples. It is capable of determining the phytoplankton cell density of ballast water at the IMO D2 & USCG Discharge Standards (10 to 50 µm range) with a higher degree of confidence than laboratory analysis. As well as its established presence in Belgium and China, Chelsea Technologies is in discussion with leading port authorities worldwide, to help drive industry change in developing portable ballast water testing standards.


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