Chelsea expands biological sensing product range at Ocean Business

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new biological sensing products at Ocean Business this week.

The new high biomass algae assessment tool, LabSTAF HB, and an underwater spectral PAR sensor, S-PAR, build upon our comprehensive range of products for monitoring and understanding phytoplankton and algae in natural and industrial applications. In addition, the TriLux product is further enhanced with new software, Sensor Monitor, and a user calibration kit to make accessing data and maintaining the sensor easier.

LabSTAF HB high biomass algae assessment
Building upon the original LabSTAF, the LabSTAF HB high biomass model of the instrument makes assessment of phytoplankton primary productivity accessible to industrial algae growers. With an extended upper limit of detection 10 times higher than the standard LabSTAF and a dynamic range suited to high concentrations of algae, LabSTAF HB is an invaluable tool to help assess culture growth and optimise harvesting.

S-PAR spectral PAR sensor
Next is the new S-PAR sensor, a compact spectral PAR sensor for detailed analysis of underwater light. The new sensor goes beyond traditional measurements of underwater light by measuring the irradiance across the visible spectrum rather than providing one universal value. With a resolution of 10 nm and a range of 360 – 760 nm, the S-PAR sensor provides a wealth of data to inform biological studies. The S-PAR sensor is currently available as an accessory to the STAF family of instruments but will be available soon as a standalone sensor.

TriLux user calibration kit
Designed to make calibration easy, the new user calibration kit featuring our handy solid standard is now available to order.

Sensor monitor software
TriLux data is now easily accessible using the new Sensor Monitor software, which allows you to view and store your data on Windows devices including tablets.

Find out more about the new biological sensing products on stand T8 at Ocean Business or contact the Chelsea team today.