Tryptophan Fluorescence 2020 Hosted by Chelsea Technologies

When it comes to water monitoring, more of the same is not an option. It is time to do things differently. Tryptophan 2020 explored how UK industry, academia and NGOs are working together to develop and implement new technologies for monitoring the quality of our waters.

This fantastic complimentary event, which was held at ‘The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), brought together people from across science and industry to discuss the latest advancements in Tryptophan, a new and promising approach to water quality monitoring in aquatic systems.

With over 40 attendees, the event heard talks ranging from monitoring incident response to the ecological status of rivers.

Chelsea Technologies would like to thank all of the speakers who gave their time to share their work, including: Dr Bethany Fox, Dr James Kirkbride, Helen Picket, Simon Browning, Eva Perrin, James Sorensen, Stephen Bailey and Adam Gilbert. Our special thanks also goes to Darren Reynolds from UWE Bristol for chairing the event, ensuring a seamless day of excellence.


At the event, Dr Kirkbride introduced the VLux TPro, a device for easy, in-situ water quality monitoring. The VLux TPro combines 5 parameters in one compact sensor, for detection and monitoring of tryptophan in water. With integrated environmental corrections the device has a depth rating of 6000 m, whilst being compact, robust and extremely cost effective.

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