Trilux Field Starter Kit

Algae measurements in the field – 3-in-1 algae sensor with handheld display and logger

TriLux Field Starter Kit

Handheld system for measurement, assessment and logging of algae concentration in water. With three different parameter combinations and depth ratings to 2000m, TriLux is suitable for a wide variety of water environments:

  • Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Turbidity for freshwater deployments
  • Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin for coastal deployments
  • Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Turbidity for marine deployments


    • Monitors 3 algae parameters in a single highly sensitive probe: Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin and Turbidity
    • Real-time data output in μg/l
    • User configurable sampling frequency and logging rates
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  • Data display and logging on handheld Hawk unit in numerical or graphical form including trend analysis
  • Backlit, colour touchscreen display that can be used with gloves
  • Programmable ‘red, amber, green’ data thresholds
  • Low cost solution for widespread algae monitoring and large scale monitoring programmes


  • Measurement and recording of algae concentrations in natural and process waters
  • Spot sampling in rivers, lakes, estuaries, reservoirs and from vessels
  • Assessment of algae levels against thresholds

Hawk Handheld Display

Take your Chelsea fluorometers into the field with the Hawk hand-held display. The Hawk is a compact, hand-held display unit for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers. Hawk provides power and data logging, as well as displaying real-time data for up to 3 parameters.

Data is shown on the colour touchscreen display along with time, location and battery duration. ‘At a glance’ trend analysis is easy with the graph function. You can programme red, amber and green data thresholds and bespoke calibration factors, making it easy to customise the unit for your application. Suitable for use in all weather environments, Hawk requires minimal interaction and can even be used with gloves on!


Trilux Algae Sensor

TriLux is a low cost, miniature algae sensor that monitors three key algal parameters in a single highly sensitive probe.

TriLux is compact and easy to integrate in wider systems and platforms including CTDs, data buoys, monitoring stations, AUVs and gliders.

Adding the Hawk accessory allows real-time data display and logging with portable systems.

Free Lux Cable

Your Trilux bundle comes with a free Trilux cable included

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