The Finnish Environmental Institute buys two further Chelsea UniLux fluorometers

Chelsea extends its collaboration with the Finnish Environmental Institute “We recently supplied the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) with a further two UniLux fluorometers. This follows on from the supply of three sensors last year for use in their Baltic Sea monitoring program for cyanobacteria,” reports Sam Kirby.

The new sensors are part of the Institute’s plans for developing flow-through systems, fixed platforms and laboratory experimental set-ups that require smaller fluorometers.

Earlier in the year, testing in the Mediterranean Sea was carried out using another of our products – FastBallast – in oligotrophic waters, the results of which will be available in the next few months.

On-going collaboration between Chelsea and SYKE continues, also, in the form of a Trans-National-Access Agreement, funded by JERICO-NEXT, granting us access to SYKE’s facilities to validate our new multi-parameter fluorometer, V-Lux. We have also recently participated in an algae fluorescence workshop at IFREMER, Brest as part of our continued involvement in the algal fluorescence community.


Highly sensitive compact fluorometer for Chlorophyll and algae monitoring, and dye tracer detection.

UniLux is a low cost, miniature fluorometer for monitoring Chlorophyll a, other algae pigments, and common tracer dyes. The highly sensitive sensors indicate small changes in the parameters at very low concentrations. Robust ambient light and turbidity rejection ensure suitability in a wide variety of water environments.