VLux MiniSonde

The only multi parameter fluorometer with integrated corrections for environmental interferences.

VLux MiniSonde is a cost effective, multi-parameter sensor providing robust data collection for either UV or visible fluorescence monitoring. The miniature, high quality MiniSonde provides integrated corrections for multiple environmental parameters, with models suitable for monitoring: BTEX, PAH, Tryptophan and Algae.

In the UV variants of VLux a single source excites fluorescence in the sample. Fluorescence emission is then split into three discrete detection wavelengths. Simultaneous measurements of sample Turbidity, Absorbance and Temperature are used to correct the fluorescence signal to compensate for environmental interferences. In the Algal variant of VLux four wavelengths are used to excite different algal pigments in the sample. A proportion of the energy absorbed is transferred to Chlorophyll a and emitted as fluorescence.

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Features & Applications


  • High quality
  • Temperature, Turbidity and Absorbance correction
  • Turbidity measurement ISO 7027:1999 compliant
  • Fluorescence standardization using Quinine Sulphate calibration (QSU)
  • 6000 m depth rating
  • Internal logging
  • Integrated biofouling protection
  • Flexible data output options
  • Compatible with Chelsea’s Hawk & Watchkeeper data displays


  • Monitoring Algae for Water Treatment
  • Effluent Monitoring into Sensitive Waters
  • Pollution Monitoring for Water Treatment
  • Water Catchment Monitoring – Environmental


Available configurations

Parameters BTEX PAH Tryptophan Algae
Chlorophyll-a & -c
Chlorophyll-b & -c

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