UviLux TY+ turbidity

The UviLux TY+ Turbidity Sensor is a lightweight, digital IR sensor providing accurate and repeatable measurements of turbidity.

Designed for monitoring exhaust gas cleaning system wash water according to IMO regulations

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Chelsea Technologies has a wide range of maritime products for ensuring compliance to maritime regulations, from our DNV Type Approved wash water monitoring system to rapid onboard testing of ballast water, including individual sensors that can be added to 3rd party cabinets such as our turbidity and unique PAH+ sensor, compliant with upcoming IMO regulations

UviLux TY+ turbidity Features

  • Real time turbidity compliant with ISO 7027:1999
  • Two year calibration intervals allowing for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Easy to use onboard sensor check – solid standards kit allows you to verify the sensor calibration onsite with easy to operate, robust and stable solid standards as part of the commissioning process, without the need for liquids or chemicals
  • Compliant with current and upcoming IMO regulations
  • Temperature compensated, referenced output
  • High ambient light rejection

UviLux TY+ turbidity Applications

  • Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) wash water monitoring systems
  • Suitable for both new ship and retrofit installations
  • Compatible with Open Loop and Hybrid systems

Operational support

  • Training – Chelsea scientists and engineers provide training for integrators and operators of exhaust gas cleaning systems looking to integrate Chelsea sensors to their offering. Training can be provided online, remotely or onsite.
  • Technical support – as designers and manufacturers of the PAH+ and turbidity sensors, Chelsea scientists and engineers can provide technical support and commissioning services.
  • Spares provision – spare parts and sensors can be provided as an additional package and are available as needed from the UK headquarters
  • Sensor calibration– comprehensive calibration services are provided by Chelsea calibration scientists on an ad hoc basis or under long term support contracts.

UviLux TY+ turbidity Specifications


Excitation wavelength 860 nm
Detection wavelength 860 nm
Calibrated range 0 to 1000 FNU
Limit of detection <0.5 FNU
Optical geometry 90º
Excitation beam divergence ~1º
Compliance ISO7027:1999


Power requirements<1 Watt @ 12 Volt

Size 70mm dia x 149mm
Weight in air 0.8 kg
Weight in water 0.15 kg
Pressure housing PVC
Input voltage 9 to 36 Vdc
Data output Digital RS232 and analogue 0 to 5 Vdc. (RS422, SDI-12 and 4– 20 mA options available)
Power requirements <1 Watt @ 12 Volt

*In view of our continual improvements, the designs and specifications of our products may vary from those described.

UviLux TY+ turbidity Applications

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