Turbidity Sensor (ISO 7027:1999)

The UviLux Turbidity Sensor is a lightweight, digital IR sensor providing accurate and repeatable measurements of turbidity.

Designed for compliance with ISO 7027:1999 standards, UviLux Turbidity offers significantly increased functionality when compared to other turbidity sensors.

UviLux Turbidity can be deployed into a wide range of applications including dredge monitoring, flow-through systems for process monitoring and in-situ monitoring in rivers, lakes and oceans. Its PVC housing is suitable for deploying independently as well as from moored or profiling systems, and submersible vehicles.

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Features & Applications


  • Designed for compliance with IS07027:1999
  • High sensitivity
  • Low power consumption and noise
  • User adjustable dynamic range
  • RS232 & analogue output (RS422 option)
  • High rejection of ambient light


  • Turbidity, particle studies/gravimetric analysis
  • Dredge monitoring
  • Sediment studies
  • Process control
  • Coastal process research
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Wash water monitoring in exhaust gas scrubbers


  • Models available for underwater deployments and cabinet integration



Excitation wavelength 860 nm
Detection wavelength 860 nm
Calibrated range 0 to 1000 FNU
Limit of detection <0.5 FNU
Optical geometry 90º
Excitation beam divergence ~1º
Compliance ISO7027:1999


Size 70mm dia x 149mm
Weight in air 0.8 kg
Weight in water 0.15 kg
Pressure housing PVC
Depth rating 600 m
Connector Impluse MCBH6M
Input voltage 9 to 36 Vdc
Input voltage Digital RS232 and analogue 0 to 5 Vdc. (RS422, SDI-12 and 4– 20 mA options available)
Power requirements <1 Watt @ 12 Volt

*In view of our continual improvements, the designs and specifications of our products may vary from those described.

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