S-PAR spectral PAR sensor

New underwater spectral photosynthetically active radiation sensor for detailed analysis of light.

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New compact spectral PAR sensor for detailed analysis of underwater light

S-PAR Overview

The new S-PAR sensor goes beyond traditional measurements of underwater light by measuring the irradiance across the visible spectrum rather than providing one universal value. With a resolution of 10 nm and a range of 360 – 760 nm, the S-PAR sensor provides a wealth of data to inform biological studies.

The S-PAR sensor is currently available as an accessory to the STAF family of instruments but will be available soon as a standalone sensor. Register your interest now.

S-PAR Features

  • Measures visible light from 360 nm to 760 nm with a resolution of 10 nm
  • Higher spectral resolution than a single measurement of PAR
  • Depth rated to 2000 m
  • Easy to integrate into wider systems or can be used as a standalone sensor


  • Measuring ambient light available for photosynthesis across the spectrum in marine biological studies
  • Measuring spectral differences in light from site to site and at varying depths

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