UviLux PAH+ sensor

Compact hydrocarbon sensor for exhaust gas wash water monitoring

Compliant with current and upcoming IMO regulations for EGCS wash water monitoring

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Chelsea Technologies has a wide range of maritime products for ensuring compliance to maritime regulations, from our DNV Type Approved wash water monitoring system to rapid onboard testing of ballast water, including individual sensors that can be added to 3rd party cabinets such as our turbidity and unique PAH+ sensor, compliant with upcoming IMO regulations

UviLux PAH+ Features

  • Full PAH Range – Full 0 – 4,500μg/L PAH phe eq measurement which provides full compatibility with all scrubber system flow rates
  • Two year calibration intervals – allowing for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Easy to use onboard sensor check – solid standards kit allows you to verify the sensor calibration onsite with easy to operate, robust and stable solid standards as part of the commissioning process, without the need for liquids or chemicals
  • Compliant with current and upcoming IMO regulations
  • Temperature compensated, referenced output
  • High ambient light and turbidity rejection
  • Robust and easy to clean

UviLux PAH+ Specifications


Measurement outputs PAH phe eq (uncorrected) (µg/l), Absorbance (cm-1), Transmission (%), PMT eht (V), Error Code
Data output Digital RS232 Option 2 x 4-20mA or RS422
Operating temperature -1 °C to + 55 °C
Input voltage 9 to 36 Vdc
Power <100 mA @ 15 V
Size Ø 70 mm x 170 mm length (excluding connector)
Weight 850 g in air
Pressure rating 6 ba
Calibration interval 2 year, return to Chelsea
Materials Housing – rigid PVC

PAH phe eq

Measurement principle Absorbance corrected fluorescence
Reported parameter Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in phenanthrene equivalence, PAH phe eq (uncorrected)
Units µg/l
Dynamic range 0 – 4500 µg/l, full MEPC range
Measurement sensitivity 0.04 µg/l
Validation Solid standard for on-site sensor check


Reported parameter Absorbance
Units Absorbance per unit path length (cm-1)
Dynamic range 0 – 3.5 cm-1
Sensitivity 0.002 cm-1
Validation Solid standard for on-site sensor check

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