FastOcean APD

The only commercially available multi-wavelength Single Turnover Active Fluorometer (STAF) system for in situ assessment of Phytoplankton Primary Productivity (PhytoPP).

In situ assessment of Phytoplankton Primary Productivity (PhytoPP) is made possible using the FastOcean Ambient plus Dark (APD) profiler, the only commercially available deployable system for this application. Over recent years, the Single Turnover Active Fluorometer (STAF) method incorporated within the APD system has increasingly been accepted as a practical alternative to 14C-based measurement of carbon fixation.

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Features & Applications


  • Estimate PhytoPP on wider spatiotemporal scales than 14C-based methods
  • Non-intrusive and non-destructive
  • Compact and robust design for flexible operation to 600 m depth
  • Full real-time functionality through a cable connection of up to 200 m or completely autonomous operation using battery power and internal data logging
  • Ambient and Dark data can be synchronised and combined with PAR values to generate estimates of PSII photochemical flux per unit volume of sea water
  • Each FastOcean sensor from the APD system can also be integrated with the highly automated Act2 laboratory system (see separate brochure) to generate fluorescence light curves (FLCs) from cultures or samples collected in the field
  • FastOcean data can be combined with simultaneous satellite ocean colour measurements for enhanced spatial and temporal coverage of global PhytoPP


  • Primary productivity assessment
  • Understanding phytoplankton physiology
  • Nutrient stress analysis
  • Climate change research
  • Algal health assessment


Software FastPro8 for operation of the APD system plus analysis, archiving and visualisation of data
Act2Run for operation of the Act2 system
Free lifetime updates
Measurement LEDs Custom LEDs with emission centred at 450, 530 and 624 nm
630 nm short pass filter blocks LED emission within the fluorescence detection waveband
Fluorescence detection NIR-enhanced PMT with high dynamic range
Fluorescence defined by 2 x 3 mm
Schott RG665 glass filters plus a 682nm, 30 nm FWHM bandpass filter
Dynamic range More than four orders of magnitude (eutrophic to oligotrophic)
Pressure and PAR Pressure sensor integrated within the Ambient FastOcean 2π steradian PAR sensor connected to the Ambient FastOcean
FastPro8 logs values for both parameters with each acquisition
Power requirements 18 to 36 VDC operating range
Protected to 72 VDC
4.8 W continuous, 5 W peak
Ambient temperature -10 ° C to 50 ° C
Physical dimensions FastOcean: Ø 88  mm x 284mm (excluding connectors)
APD system: 316 mm (w) x 292 mm (d) x 685 mm (h)
Mass FastOcean: 2.9 kg
APD system: 20.3 kg
Weight in air (water) FastOcean: 28 N (10 N)
APD system: 200 N (98 N)

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