Meet Chelsea At Posidonia 2022

We're all looking forward to catching up with clients old and new at Posidonia 2022, 6-10 June in Athens, Greece, at stand 4.221 where our maritime expert Michael Haraldsson will be available for discussions round our award-winning maritime products, Sea Sentry and FastBallast

Michael, representing Chelsea Technologies at Posidonia 2022, has more than 25 years of strategic experience across a myriad of maritime sectors. Throughout his career, he has been a prominent crusader for environmental sustainability and marine safety. Michael has been instrumental in the development of international mandatory regulations requiring water ingress alarms on bulk carriers and in forming BWT regulations. Chelsea Technologies is also represented at Posidonia 2022 by Helexco, specialists in the provision of ship equipment, and both Michael Haraldsson and Helexco will be available to discuss Chelsea’s maritime solutions at stand 4.221 during the exhibition.

Meet Chelsea Technologies at Posidonia 2022

Chelsea Technologies’ Maritime Products

Sea Sentry

  • Fully integrated turnkey solution to monitor exhaust gas wash water and meet IMO regulations
  • DNV-GL Type Approved, DNV-GL and Class NK in compliance with IMO MEPC 259(68)
  • Suitable for retro fit and new installation of open, closed loop and hybrid scrubber system
  • Full PAH Range – Full 0 – 4,500µg/L PAHphe measurement which provides full compatibility with all scrubber system flow rates
  • Two year calibration intervals on the PAH+ and Turbidity sensors allowing for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Easy to use onboard sensor check – the new Chelsea solid standards kit allows you to verify the sensor calibration onsite with easy to operate, robust and stable solid standards as part of the commissioning process, without the need for liquids or chemicals
  • Chelsea designed sensors and cabinet– as designers and manufacturers of both the sensors and complete system, Chelsea knows the science and the technology


  • Confirms wash water from ship exhaust gas cleaning systems is within regulatory limits
  • Suitable for both new ship and retrofit installations
  • Compatible with Open Loop, Closed Loop and Hybrid systems


  • Measure – A fast, lightweight device to analyse ballast water for compliance
  • Automate – Automated data measurement
  • Rugged – Suitable for use in the marine environment
  • Precision – Most accurate device on the market for indicative ballast water compliance testing
  • Practical – Low cost, robust portable unit without consumables designed to be operated by a single person


  • Manufacturers of ballast water management systems (BWMS)
  • Port state authorities
  • Field testing service companies
  • Repair yards


About Chelsea Technologies

Chelsea Technologies designs and manufactures best-in-class environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter. Environmental monitoring inspired by science, delivered by engineering excellence.

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