Single Turnover Active Fluorometry system LabSTAF

labstaf Single Turnover Active Fluorometry systemSingle Turnover Active Fluorometry (STAF) can measure Phytoplankton Primary Productivity (PhytoPP) on much wider spatiotemporal scales than is possible with more direct methods such as 14C fixation. “Over the last ten years, Chelsea Technologies has worked closely with the research community to develop Single Turnover Active Fluorometry hardware and data processing algorithms that bring us closer to realising this potential. Our combination of FastOcean STAF sensor and Act2 laboratory system is highly successful and the LabSTAF system builds upon this. It incorporates a number of new features that are specifically designed to minimise errors associated with the conversion of STAF data to PhytoPP,” said Chelsea’s Chief Scientist, Dr Kevin Oxborough.

LabSTAF provides a highly automated platform for running continuous Fluorescence Light Curves (FLCs), and incorporates new features to greatly improve the accuracy of STAF-based PhytoPP assessment by allowing for much greater precision at low biomass plus correction of spectral errors, baseline fluorescence and the package effect.

LabSTAF additionally provides:

  • An extra order of magnitude sensitivity to enable operation in extreme oligotrophic waters
  • An increase from three to eight ST measurement wavebands to allow for the generation of real time fluorescence excitation spectra
  • Dual-waveband fluorescence measurement for correction of the package effect
  • Dual ST pulse mode for extended physiological measurements

The system has been designed to be highly portable, to allow for use on research vessels and at remote locations.

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