Chelsea Technologies Ltd

Chelsea Technologies Ltd

Chelsea Technologies Ltd

Chelsea Technologies Ltd – the new name for Chelsea. Chelsea, a leader in environmental monitoring technology have changed its name to Chelsea Technologies Ltd. The name change reflects the company’s broader environmental monitoring technology commitment.

This change will not affect or delay any current or future Chelsea orders. However, this information is intended to offer notice that all invoicing, packaging and related documents will be rebranded after September 16, 2019.

Please note that our branding and name change will not impact on our shipping and billing addresses, VAT registration, and additional invoicing information, which all remain the same:

VAT Number: GB 539 0408 47
Billing Address:
55 Central Avenue
West Molesey
United Kingdom

Chelsea is a Sonardyne Group company. Part of the Sonardyne Group, Chelsea Technologies designs and manufactures ingenious environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter.

Across shipping, marine science, water quality, defence and industrial process control, our best-in-class sensors and systems are trusted for the sensitivity, accuracy, reliability and sophistication. We’ve built our unrivalled specialist expertise over 50 years, and we apply this with new rigor to every engineering challenge our clients set us.

Our pioneering technology is helping to gauge shipping emissions, explore the oceans, create healthier fisheries, optimize crop spraying, improve production efficiency, even monitor microplastics and climate change.

The power of pure inspiration from Chelsea Technologies. What can we help you achieve?