Chelsea supplies Idronaut SRL with new 2000M rated TriLux Fluorometer

Idronaut Srl were one of the first to take delivery of the new 2000 m rated TriLux configured for measurement of Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin and Turbidity for integrating into their Ocean Seven series of CTD’s.  The increased depth capability of the popular miniature multi-channel fluorometer has made this an ideal addition to the Idronaut Srl Ocean Seven multiparameter Sonde.  Chelsea Technologies have been providing Idronaut with TriLux fluorometers since its original launch, including OEM versions for direct integration to the Sonde.

The TriLux is a high sensitivity low cost miniaturised algae sensor capable of monitoring different algae pigments within a single probe.  It uniquely offers a range of data output formats providing ease of integration to CTDs, remote vehicles and buoys.

For more information, please contact Justin Dunning Tel +44(0)20 8481 9031.


Low cost, miniature algae sensor that monitors three key algal parameters in a single probe.

TriLux is a low cost, miniature algae sensor that monitors three key algal parameters in a single, highly sensitive probe. The 3-in-1 fluorometer enables widespread monitoring in a variety of applications, including harmful algal blooms, aquaculture, water treatment works, river catchments and coastal studies.

With three different parameter combinations and depth ratings to 2000m, TriLux is suitable for a wide variety of water environments:
• Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Turbidity for freshwater deployments
• Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin for coastal deployments
• Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Turbidity for marine deployments

TriLux is compact and easy to integrate in wider systems and platforms including CTDs, data buoys, monitoring stations, AUVs and gliders.