Chelsea showcases new fluorometers at Oi Connect, 1-4 Dec (virtual exhibition).

Chelsea Technologies designs and manufactures ingenious environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter.

For over 50 years, Chelsea has applied its deep passion for science and innovation to solve customers’ problems.   Its fluorometers, sensors & systems have been used around the world to help customers understand the natural environment, improve water treatment processes, comply with ballast water and exhaust gas wash water monitoring regulations, monitor for pollution and contaminants in rivers and lakes, and support oceanographic & defence research.

Visit Oi Connect to learn more about our range of sensors and systems for marine science, including multi-parameter and active fluorometers for Primary Productivity Estimation, In situ Algal Monitoring, Pollution Monitoring, Nutrient Stress Analysis, Climate Change Research and Monitoring of Hydrocarbons.

New for 2020 is the VLux MiniSonde, Chelsea’s latest multi-parameter fluorometer for measuring algae, hydrocarbons and tryptophan corrected for turbidity, absorption and CDOM. During Oi Connect, you’ll also have the chance to learn about LabSTAF, a portable laboratory-grade system for the analysis and measurement of Phytoplankton Primary Productivity for research vessels and ships of opportunity.

Throughout this week, Chelsea’s application and technology experts Matthew Kenney and Ben Goyner will be on hand to offer advice so please set up an appointment to see how we can help you.

Media Contact:  Ellen Keegan