Spares and Accessories

We offer a comprehensive suite of spares and accessories for your Chelsea instruments and systems. Where component exchanges risk impacting on critical performance, such as compliance monitoring, Chelsea highly recommends purchasing spares in advance to avoid delays. As most spare components are manufactured to order, purchasing a package of spares in advance is the only way to guarantee minimal down time during servicing, calibration, and repair. Your account manager will work with you to devise a suitable spares package to ensure critical systems are maintained.

Chelsea solutions

Biological Spares

Accessories for the TriLux and UviLux sensors

  • Chlorophyll secondary standard
  • Calibration cell and holder
  • Flow through weir assembly
  • Flow through chamber

Maritime Spares

A comprehensive offering of spare sensors and parts for your maritime systems. To order, please contact the sales team directly or order spares on the web (contact sales for the password).

  • Turbidity sensor (2141-200-PL)
  • PAH+ sensor (2380-100-PL)
  • pH sensor (2374-271-PL)
  • Turbidity sensor previous issue (2141-081-PL)
  • PAH+ sensor previous issue (2380-010-PL)
  • Air purge check valve assembly (2260-081-PL)
  • Strainer assembly (2374-0440PL)
  • Pressure relief valve assembly (2372-047-PL)
  • Pressure regulator assembly (2372-083-PL)
  • Air purge manifold assembly (2374-084-PL)
  • Flow meter assembly (2374-117-PL)
  • Pump assembly MkII (2374-289-PL)
  • Isolation valve (113628)
  • 3-way drain valve (113629)
  • Strainer screen (113632)
  • Pressure gauge (113685)
  • Touchscreen display (113685)
  • Rotor assembly (pump) (120157)
  • PVC-C check valve (118063)
  • Pack of 500 optical wipes (119019)
  • SD card (cabinet specific software) (113724)
  • Pump cable (2374-350-PL)
  • Replacement pump kit for B, C & D Sea Sentry (2374-420-PL)
  • Sea Sentry PCB (2374-016-PL)
  • Turbidity sensor cable (2374-349-PL)
  • PAH+ sensor cable (2374-348-PL)
  • pH flow chamber (2374-045-PL)
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