Life Sciences

From the current challenges facing us with the global pandemic to future medical needs, Chelsea’s expertise in optical design can help improve diagnostic capability in the life sciences sector.

With a rich history of contract design and manufacture for biotech companies, encompassing laboratory instrumentation, point of care diagnostics and even veterinary equipment, Chelsea is ideally placed to deliver highly sensitive optical reader technology into the life sciences sector and beyond.

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Chelsea solutions

Chelsea’s heritage

Chelsea has over 40 years’ experience in the life sciences sector, with a wide-ranging portfolio that includes laboratory instrumentation, point of care devices and veterinary equipment. Chelsea’s past work for biotech companies focused on contract design and manufacture, featuring complex optical design for critical applications requiring sensitive and repeatable results.







Brightline Diagnostics

Brightline Diagnostics

Brightline Dx is a joint venture formed by two highly innovative UK companies, Stream Bio and Chelsea Technologies, to combine novel technologies and create a unique platform that can be applied to a wide range of diagnostic targets. The Joint Venture’s immediate focus is a highly sensitive saliva based Covid-19 test, capable of rapid identification of Covid-19, including detection of low viral loads typically found in  asymptomatic carriers. To find out more about this and other medical applications, please visit the Brightline Diagnostics website –

Through Brightline, Chelsea offer a bespoke diagnostic test development service for the detection of waterborne pathogens and invasive species.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Paull at

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