Industry is the heart of innovation and the engine that powers the global economy. The sustainable development of industrial processes that manufactures goods, packages food produce, bottles beers, wines and spirits or scales the production of medicines and pharmaceuticals, is both vital and complex.

Chelsea Technologies is a key partner to industry. We can work with your business to match existing Chelsea instruments with your use case, or partner with you on a bespoke project. By combining our unique sensing technology and scientific research facilities in the UK, we can investigate innovative approaches to solving your problems and help you find new efficiencies in process handling and control.

From deep-ocean researchat depths of up to 6000m, to green shipping solutions, we have a 55-year heritage putting our instruments to work in challenging environments. Get in touch today to discuss your next industrial project.

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Chelsea solutions

Chelsea has a long history of working with industrial process controllers from all sectors and across many different types of process.  Fluorescence, fluid quality analysis and acoustics all have potential applications in industrial process monitoring.  From dye-trace detection to fluid referencing and characterization, our technology offers you new ways to look at your products and industrial processes. 

Any factory process that involves regulated fluid handling, such as wash water for fresh or canned produce, bottling plant disinfectant monitoring or beverage distillation or brewing, is likely to benefit from in-line and spot-check sensing to ensure quality and standards are maintained.   

Our range of fluorometers, active fluorometers and optical sensors can assess fluid quality for several standard parameters, such as Turbidity, Absorbance, Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM), Hydrocarbon, Fluorescein or Rhodamine dye tracing or Tryptophan.  We offer both single channel and multi-parameter instruments and we can also augment Chelsea sensors with other parameters such as temperature, pH, and flow metering to your requirements. We also offer a bespoke service to customise our fluorometers to measure specific fluids or contaminants.  

Chelsea can also help turn your data in to actionable information. We offer fixed and roving data displays that are designed specifically for our sensors and we offer several different output methods to integrate our data into your systems.  We have the expertise to help you gather and extract data in meaningful ways and Chelsea can work with you on developing bespoke data interfaces if required.  Get in touch today to explore the possibilities.  

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