Chelsea provide a range of robust, high-performance, low frequency transducersand acoustic systems, designed to produce signals of high sensitivity. With over 45 years’ experience, our transducers feature in a wide scope of military equipment.Current military acoustics products range from echo repeaters, active and passive transducers, sonar calibrators and underwater navigation systems.

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Chelsea solutions


The DualSense and Sonoflex series ensure acoustic reference standards, high sound navigation and underwater communication. Our transducers are commonly used over the side of a vessel or pontoon, deployed on a cable, or attached to a housing or cage, with an underwater mateable connector. To learn more about our range of transducers, please visit our acoustics product page.

ERAS –Echo Repeater Acoustic Source

Echo Repeater AcousticSource (ERAS) is a compact, versatile system used to evaluate the performance of active and passive sonar. Designed for easy integration, it can be hand-deployed from small vessels with few facilities. The small, lightweight unit contains both projector and hydrophone. With low frequency components it can calibrate parameters, as well as the performance of airborne, surface ship and submarine sonars. The system includes a rugged, portable, power amplifier unit and a controlling computer.

Custom Design

Due to our extensive expertise in electronics and acoustics, we are proud to offer custom designs from complete systems to system components. Some of our previous designs have included:custom designed transducers, novel acoustic arrays and towed synchronised pingers. If you have a particular application in mind, we’ll come up with the best solution to meet your need!


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