Student Sponsorship Scheme

Chelsea occasionally supports postgraduate and PhD students through their research studies, giving valuable opportunities to the next generation of scientists to work on real-world challenges for a world-class technology innovator.

Through our close relationship with the University of the West of England Bristol, Chelsea has provided both financial support and academic mentorship to a select cohort, giving our students access to a specialist knowledge network and the benefit of our experience applying this knowledge to commercialised technological solutions.

Some of the foundational work that our students have completed, includes new research relating to Tryptophan fluorescence, with exciting implications for water quality monitoring and pollution control, and variable fluorescence measurement, where Chelsea leads on empowering researchers and asset managers to gain new insights in to phytoplankton primary production (PhytoPP) and environmental health.

Please get in touch via our contact page if you would like to find out more about our student sponsorships and our links to academia.
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