6 Exciting Sea Sentry Upgrades

We at Chelsea are thrilled to announce exciting new Sea sentry upgrades that will help you get even more out of it. Owners looking for monitoring systems should ensure that their system of choice performs the full regulatory analysis, as required by the IMO. This includes Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH), pH, turbidity (to ISO 7027: 1999) and temperature, to ensure robust and accurate measurements are made in accordance with regulatory requirements. Certified by DNV-GL and ClassNK, Chelsea’s Sea Sentry provides users with a full-range PAH measurement using a proven and highly accurate sensing technique. 


As a result of a decade of experience in the scrubber wash water market, we have perfected the Sea Sentry system with Sea sentry upgrades and optimised it for scrubber-equipped vessels. Let’s take a look at some of the key Sea sentry updates

  1. Upgraded PAH+ SensorWe have used our market experience alongside spectral analysis and testing of wash water samples provided by our partners, to optimise our PAH+ sensor for the scrubber wash water application. This gives customers an added level of confidence that they are compliant with the regulations. Chelsea is one of the few Wash Water Monitor manufacturers that design and manufacture their own sensors to go into their systems. This gives us a unique understanding of the data and the ability to respond to customer needs. 
  2. Innovative Solid Standards: We have developed an exciting new solid standard to enable crews to quickly and easily check the calibration status of the Turbidity and PAH+ sensors. These solid reference standards are designed to save time and money for the customer and have allowed us to extend the calibration interval out to 2 years. They also make it easier for our users to check calibration on board, with full step-by-step instructions on their use integrated into the software, giving added confidence that the sensors are correctly monitoring the wash water and that their ship is compliant. 
  3. New Connectors: We have changed the connector style that is used on the Turbidity and PAH+ sensors to a Binder connector. We have also added the same connector to the pump which means the pumps can be swapped in and out more easily if required.
  4. Increased Cabinet Protection: We have made some subtle alterations to the cabinet enclosure to further increase ingress protection beyond the existing IP65 rating.   
  5. Improved Labelling: The external labels on the cabinet have been rearranged to make them more user-friendly and easier to understand. This eliminates the possibility for confusion when installing the cabinet onto the ship. 
  6. Reworked Electronics Enclosure: We have also implemented several upgrades to the top electronics enclosure, including; improving the colour coding of the fuse holders and upgrading the display, amongst others. All these upgrades have been implemented to make the wiring less complicated and easier to manage. However, depending on customer requirements, the capability for many of these previousgeneration features can still be specified. 

With these updates, Sea Sentry is re-affirming its position at the top of the market and enabling our customers to accurately monitor their wash water using a comprehensive, robust and easy to operate system. To find out more, visit the Sea Sentry product page or contact our sales team today