Subsea Leak Detection

Why is there a need for Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection?
Pipeline safety is of paramount importance. One major concern today is the possibility of leaks occurring in new and established pipeline. CTG’s highly reliable sub-sea Pipeline Leak Detection System has an impressive track record since 1983, of providing a quick and cost-effective method of detecting leaks for the oil & gas industries.


The CTG systems can be used during the commissioning of new pipelines or for detecting leaks in operational pipelines and control lines and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world even at short notice! They  are available for both purchase and hire. 


The systems are  operationally robust and can be deployed from ROVs, profiled, towed, diver held.    CTG offers a  number of leak detection systems targeted to rapidly locating sub-sea leaks of different compounds including:

  • hydrocarbons in pipelines and near seabed
  • fluorescent dyes (with either Rhodamine or Fluorescein type fluorescence) for pipeline commissioning
  • Control fluids including both UV and non UV fluorescence based.


Systems can be configured to measure a wide range of current products used within the Offshore industry.  These include; RX9022 (Roemex), Pelagic 100 & Pelagic 50/50 with pink dye (Niche),Aqualink, Red 1247, Red 1749 (Houghton), Fluorodye UC, Hydrosure Cleardye, Cleardye (Champion), Transaqua (Castrol), Morlina 5 (Shell), EP1186 (AGMA) and many more.


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