Wastewater Monitoring

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) supply a range of instrumentation for monitoring final effluent or process wastewater, holding lagoons or natural watercourses. We supply online, in situ or hand-held instruments for a range of different parameters.


CTG has addressed the challenges faced by  laboratory managers, process scientists and engineers who wish to assess real-time levels of bacteria in water systems with the introduction of the following new products. Both systems provide instant measurements of water-borne bacteria avoiding lengthy, potentially costly, delays in obtaining laboratory results.


Applications for the BACTI-Station & BACTI-Wader include:

  • Faecal Indicator (FI) monitoring
  • Assessment of bathing & shellfish waters
  • Filter bed management
  • Groundwater quality monitoring
  • Plant loading assessments from river abstractions
  • River pollution surveillance and investigative monitoring
  • Point source pollution surveys
  • Farm run-off detection and tracking
  • Groundwater quality monitoring
  • Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) event detection
  • Bathing water quality monitoring
BACTI Station    BACTI-Station & BACTI-Station Pro: Provides real-time, highly sensitive measurements for assessing bacterial levels
 BOD Wader   BACTI-Wader & BACTI-Wader Pro: Provides real-time, highly sensitive measurements for in situ indication of bacteria levels