Protecting Drinking Water Infrastructure

Water abstraction points may be affected by spills from farms or factories, and deliberate contamination. Early warning monitoring systems are required to alert operators to these contaminants and to changes in key water quality parameters. A timely response is necessary to prevent contamination and disruption of the public water supply. 


Chelsea Technologies Group has developed FastGuard to observe the natural trends in water quality parameters and rapidly detect and report anomalies.   FastGuard is ideally suited for early detection of contamination events. It gives prompt reporting and asessment of the threat and has high sensitivity with minimal false alarm rate.


FastGuard is a result of a development programme to assess the suitability of the Fast Repetition Rate Fluorescence technology for detecting the effects of hostile contaminants. The ability of water borne algae to photosynthesize, and hence fluoresce, is significantly affected by toxic chemicals. FastGuard provides an instant response to a range of contaminants including methylparathion (an organophosphate insecticide),  potassium cyanide (which can result in nervous system and respiratory failure) and diuron.


FastGuard: Protecting Drinking Water Infrastructure