Oceanographic Sensors for the monitoring of temperature, conductivity, depth, chlorophyll, turbidity, transmission, fluorescence & bioluminescence parameters

MiniPack CTD-F sensor suite MiniPack CTD-F:  Low cost, compact, robust and fully integrated CTD-F sensor suite designed to meet the demands of open ocean, estuarine and fresh water environmental monitoring. It contains a fluorometer, conductivity, temperature and depth sensor.

  GlowTracka Bioluminescence Sensor: measures bioluminescence for toxic blooms & biomass studies GlowTracka Bioluminescence Sensor: Robust, sensitive detector primarily used for the assessment of bioluminescent algae within the marine environment. It is ideally suited to biomass studies and toxic algae bloom detection. GlowTracka’s precision flow meter stimulates bioluminescent organisms – principally dinoflagellates. 

Autonomous Plankton SamplerAutonomous Plankton Sampler: A modern Plankton Sampler updating the Hardy design for automated towed and ship-borne use. Provides Marine Biologists with a fully automated tool to collect plankton in the oceans, enabling analysis of plankton species distribution and abundance. Plankton sampling provides invaluable insights into numerous aspects of plankton dynamics and ecology. 

  Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor provides highly sensitive data on light irradiance through the water column down to depths of 1000 metres.Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor: Provides an impressive range of sensitive Irradiance measurements down to depths of 1000 metres.  It is ideally suited to monitoring marine photosynthesis, where the prime concern is to quantify the amount of PAR available.   

TurbiLux Miniature IR Turbidity FluorometerTurbiLux Miniature IR Turbidity Fluorometer: Sensitive, low cost digital IR turbidity sensor designed for compliancy with ISO 7027:1999 standard that offers the user significantly increased functionality when compared to existing turbidity sensors.