FastOcean Systems

FastOcean is a family of multi-wavelength Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer systems for in situ and laboratory studies of phytoplankton photosynthesis and gross primary productivity.   These high performance systems are suitable for use in a wide range of applications from the assessment of primary production within the world's oceans to environmental monitoring within reservoirs and rivers.
FastOcean Fluorometer for primary productivity studies

Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer systemsFastOcean APD Profiling System: Automous profiling system comprising 2 FastOcean multi-wavelength FRR fluorometers (ambient plus dark), pumped dark chamber, programmable battery pack and a PAR sensor for in situ estimation of gross primary production. 


act2studio1Act2-based laboratory & FerryBox systems: The Act2 & the FastOcean FRR fluorometer can be combined to produce a highly automated system for probing oxygenic photosynthesis by phytoplankton 




Associate Professor David Suggett, Climate Change Cluster, University of Technology, Sydney - “My group has recently purchased a FastOcean after a decade of work with previous single wavelength versions (FastTracka I & II, and other commercially available and custom built active fluorometers), but this instrument is the best yet: The FastOcean represents state-of-the-art “evolution” of both the underlying technology and concepts of Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry, developed by an expert in fluorometry (Dr Kevin Oxborough) alongside the academic community; the result is an incredibly versatile tool that meets my continually interchanging needs between routine field deployments examining marine primary productivity to highly specific studies of physiological processes in the lab. The great ethos that Chelsea places on continually engaging with their user community ensures that FRRf-based approaches are really pushing back the limits of how we understand marine primary productivity.”

Dr C Mark MooreUniversity of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK - "Having worked using active chlorophyll fluorometers for the last 15 years, it has been great to see how CTG have remained committed to developing and improving their line of Fast Repetition Rate fluorometers. Having previously worked with the FastTracka I and II instruments, I recently had my first opportunity to use the new multi-wavelength FastOcean system and was very impressed by the increased versatility of this instrument, which should allow us to investigate the photophysiology of mixed communities of phytoplankton in a more robust manner, alongside providing exciting new insights.”   


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The FastOcean Users' Group is a forum for users of all Chelsea Fast Rate fluorometers to share information and experiences on the use of the technology. It is also a place where people with an interest in primary productivity monitoring can join in the discussion. Join us today.


A New Approach to the Analysis of FRR Data:  A manuscript describing a new approach to the analysis of FRR data in studies of primary productivity has been published in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. The new algorithms described are fully integrated within the FasPro8 GUI,  which allows for real-time analysis of data from Chelsea's FastOcean FRR sensors.


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