Acoustic Systems - Custom Design

Chelsea Technologies Group has extensive expertise in electronics and acoustics and can custom design and manufacture systems, or elements of systems to your exact specification. Below are examples of previous designs:



Vertical Array for Acoustic Communications Studies in Trondheim Fjord
Chelsea Technologies has supplied a second batch of novel acoustic arrays to the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU). The three custom built, 8m long, active hydrophone arrays have been designed to conduct novel underwater acoustic experiments in the Trondheim fjord.  They will be suspended from a boat to depths of up to 150m.  Chelsea has a history of working with the NTNU, earlier this year NTNU took delivery of a custom built 6m vertical array to look at exploiting spatial diversity in order to achieve stable communications in a time-varying underwater acoustic channel. The three new 8m long acoustic arrays will be used for further communications and acoustics propagation research. Chelsea has previously supplied a range of acoustic transducers & hydrophones to the NTNU.

    Towed Synchronised Pingers
Chelsea Technologies Group offers a custom design and manufacture service for acoustic synchronised pinger and triggered pinger systems. We supply the STAB4 towed synchronised pinger system, which is used on the BUTEC underwater, tracking range in Scotland. This advanced pinger system, which was designed and developed for the UK MoD, can be towed up to a speed of 25 knots and can be commanded using acoustic telemetry from a surface vessel. It is a fully synchronised system and achieves a timing accuracy of better than 200 microseconds over its 12-hour battery life. We also supply tracking pingers for use on the Rhona range in Scotland, this system mounts within the 'sea chest' of submarines. Torpedo recovery pingers have also been designed and manufactured for several different torpedoes.

Custom Designed Transducers
With extensive expertise in electronics and acoustics Chelsea Technologies has over 50 years experience in the custom design and manufacture of transducers to meet  individual specification.  Let us know what your particular application is and we'll come up with the best solution to meet your needs.



Chelsea Technologies has over 50 years experience in the custom design and manufacture of acoustics systems
specifically for civil and defence applications. Contact us today and let us see how we can help you.

In view of our continual improvement, the designs and specifications of our products may vary from those described.