Acoustic Transducers

Acoustic Transducers-Summary (pdf)


Acoustic Transducers DualSense

DualSense: A series of spherical, horizontally omni-directional, reciprocal underwater acoustic transducers for applications as both hydrophones and projectors. Reliable and durable.

Acoustic Transducers HydroSense


HydroSense: A series of hydrophones with integral pre-amplifiers providing excellent receive sensitivity across a wide frequency band, with a low noise performance.


Acoustic Transducers SonoFlex


SonoFlex: A series of flexural disk transducers providing high transmit sensitivities over a very low frequency range. These transducers are small, compact, and provide a low-cost low frequency option.

SonoFlex SonoTube


SonoTube: A series of low frequency transducers operational in both transmit and receive modes, particularly useful for communication applications and in underwater positioning systems.




BroadBand: A series of broadband projectors with integral tuning elements, providing wide flat transmitting responses over large bandwidths.

Custom design


Custom Design: With extensive expertise in electronics and acoustics Chelsea Technologies Group can custom design and manufacture transducers to meet your individual specification.

 In view of our continual improvement, the designs and specifications of our products may vary from those described.