Why choose chelsea to design & manufacture your next product?

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Value for money
We offer ‘unique’ design, development and manufacturing capabilities at competitive rates all under-one-roof.

Rapid development timescales
We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative products to your timescales and have a large ‘catalogue’ of design solutions that can be adapted to get your project moving quickly.

Avoid the pitfalls in instrument development
Instrument development can be a highly complex multidisciplinary activity. With over 30 years experience gained specifically in the development of analytical instruments we have the expertise to avoid many of the pitfalls that can lead to costly project overruns.

Unique & innovative designs
We blend innovative design with the practical requirements for performance and manufacturability. Our scientists and engineers help you to find the right balance between specification and cost while meeting the operational requirements of the end user. Our aim is always to fully understand the science and technology behind your product before developing an appropriate design.

Production engineering
We design for production from the outset and as manufacturers have a vested interest in getting this aspect of the design right. Our team has a wide knowledge of modern technologies and can advise on appropriate tooling and manufacturing methods to ensure cost effective production. By eliminating the inevitable learning curve in transferring a design from developer to manufacturer lead times and costs are reduced.

We have full manufacturing capabilities
Chelsea Technologies Group offers the flexibility of both short and long production runs - from 10s of units to batches of 1000. Our highly flexible manufacturing facility operates to full GMP. Finished products can also be stored and shipped direct to your customers.

We can contribute at any stage in your development, including: due diligence, feasibility, concept development, specification definition, project management, product costing, detailed design, value engineering, sub-contract manufacture.

Added Value
With our own range of analytical products we keep in touch with the latest technological developments and by anticipating end-user demands we can add significant value to your ideas.

Project Management
Our proven ability to manage technical developments ensures we deliver projects on schedule and to budget. Projects are broken down into fixed price phases and a designated manager acts as your single point-of-contact for all project related issues.

Our flexible manufacturing facility handles batch sizes from 10’s to 1000’s. We operate to full GMP and work closely with you to develop the level of quality you require, so ultimately we can store and ship finished product direct to your customers. Our longstanding relationships with component suppliers world-wide both increases the viability of designs and allows us to provide you with accurate production costs and delivery timescales throughout the project.

Industry wide experience
Our experience has been gained in working across the whole spectrum of industry from technology start-ups to multi-nationals. This gives us a broad understanding of the technical and commercial requirements of your market.